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James E. Black Cadillac as an independent new car dealer is authorized by GM to sell the GM Extended Protection Plan.
James Black Cadillac 2013 Showroom Remodel Address:
3929 Admiral Peary Highway
Rt 22 West
Ebensburg, Pa. 15931

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For quick reference, here is a comparison highlighting the differences between the Silver and Platinum Protection Plans:
  Platinum Silver
Engine X X
Cylinder Head X X
Cylinder Block X X
Piston X X
Piston rings and pins X X
Crankshaft X X
Crankshaft bearings X X
Connecting rod bearings X X
Timing chain or belt X X
Timing gears/sprockets X X
Rocker arms and shafts X X
Valves X X
Valve springs X X
Valve retainers X X
Valve guides and seats X X
Lifters X X
Oil pump and housing X X
Engine assembly X X
Vibration damper X X
Timing Cover X X
Engine mount(s) X X
Valve cover(s) X X
Oil pan X X
Cylinder head gaskets X X
Front and rear main seals X X
Guides X X
Tensioners X X
Rotary housing X X
Camshaft X X
Camshaft bearings X X
Camshaft followers X X
Water pump X X
Intake manifold X X
Exhaust manifold(s) X X
Cam gear bolt X X
Harmonic balancer bolt X X
Head bolts X X
Push rods X X
Balance shaft/bearings X
Crank pulley X
Variable valve timing assembly X
Variable valve timing actuator X
Crankshaft position sensor X
Connecting rods X
Dipstick/tube X
Transmission X X
Automatic or Standard transmission case and all internally lubricated parts X X
Torque converter X X
Flywheel/Flexplate X X
Vacuum modulator X X
Control Unit X X
Transmission cooler X X
Fluid pan X X
Slave/Clutch master cylinders X X
Pilot bearing X X
Throwout bearing X X
Transmission mount(s) X X
Accumulator X X
Accumulator piston X X
Band X X
Bearing(s) X X
Bushing(s) X X
Center support X X
Chain(s) X X
Check ball(s) X X
Clutch piston X X
Clutches (Automatic transmission only) X X
Drum X X
Front pump X X
Gears X X
Governor X X
Input/Output shafts X X
Internal detent lever X X
Internal linkage X X
Mainshaft X X
Manual shift valve X X
Parking pawl X X
Planetary assembly X X
Pressure regulator valve X X
Reaction carrier X X
Sealing rings X X
Seals/Gaskets X X
Separator plate X X
Servo X X
Shift fork X X
Shift rail X X
Selector shaft X X
Solenoids X X
Sprag X X
Spring(s) X X
Stator/Overrun clutch X X
Sun gear X X
Sun shell X X
Synchros/Collars X X
Valve body X X
Stepper motor X X
Lines/Fittings X
Bellhousing X
Dipstick and tube X
Extension housing X
Internal switches X
Parking lock actuator X
Shift cable X
Shift indicator X
Shift lever X
Speed sensor X
Drive Axle X X
Drive axle case X X
All internally lubricated parts located within the drive axle X X
Locking hubs X X
Driveshaft(s) X X
Center support bearing X X
Universal joints X X
CV joints X X
Axle shafts X X
Axle bearings X X
4WD Actuator X X
Differential cover X X
Axle seals X X
Carrier X X
Bearings X X
Carrier retaining pin X X
Chain(s) X X
Clutches X X
CV boots X X
Gear set X X
Gasket/sealer X X
Internal selector mechanism X X
Locking rings X X
Pinion bushing/bearing X X
Pinion seal X X
Pinion shaft X X
Retainers X X
Ring and pinion gears X X
Side/Spider gears X X
Yoke X
Guibo joint X
Transfer Case X X
All internally lubricated parts located within the transfer case X X
Gear set X X
Actuating solenoid X X
Balance shaft X X
Bearings X X
Band X X
Case X X
Center support X X
Chain(s) X X
Clutches X X
Drum X X
Hub X X
Input/Output shafts X X
Mainshaft X X
Rings/Supports/Retainers X X
Sealing rings X X
Seals/Gaskets X X
Servo X X
Shift fork X X
Selector shaft X X
Sprag X X
Spring(s) X X
Synchros/Collars X X
Shift control motor X
Stepper motor X
Viscous coupling X
Electrical X X
Alternator/Generator X X
Voltage regulator X X
Starter motor X X
Starter solenoid X X
Auxiliary tank switch X X
Blower switch X X
Brake lamp switch X X
Clockspring X X
Convertible top motor X X
Crank angle sensor X X
Cruise control module, transducer, servo, and amplifier X X
Electronic instrument cluster X X
Electronic entry system X X
Electronic ignition module X X
Engine compartment wiring harness X X
Headlamp switch X X
Headlamp motor X X
Horn X X
Ignition lock cylinder X X
Ignition switch X X
Knock sensor X X
Manual HVAC control head X X
Multifunction/turn signal switch X X
O2 sensor X X
Power antenna X X
Power doorlocks X X
Power doorlock switch X X
Power mirror switch X X
Power seat switch X X
Power window switch X X
Rearview fogger/defroster switch X X
Rear wiper motor X X
Timing mixture computer X X
Washer pump X X
Washer pump switch X X
Window motor X X
Wiper motor X X
Ignition coil X X
Doorlock actuators X X
Distributor X X
Trailer brake wiring harness X X
Exterior cab lighting X X
Auxiliary power supply wiring X X
Power seat motor X X
OnStar X X
Cadillac CUE X X
Intellilink/Mylink X X
Airbags X X
Impact sensors X X
Clocksprings X X
Safety belts X X
Anchor tensioner/latch X X
Passenger presence system X X
Occupancy sensors X X
Inflator modules X X
Restraint sensing module X X
Actuating solenoid X X
Antitheft system X
Blower motor X
Blower resistor X
Camshaft position sensor X
CD Player/radio X
Central locking system X
Chime module X
Cigarette lighter X
Clock X
Contacts/Brushes X
Coolant level sensor X
Coolant temperature sensor X
Curtain motor X
Dimmer switch X
Doorlock relay X
Doorlocks X
Door opening/closing motor X
Door jamb switch X
Driver information module X
Battery parallel switch X
Electronic ignition system X
Electronic level system X
Engagement switch X
Exciter ring X
Fuse box X
Gauges X
Horn button X
Horn switch X
IAC motor X
Igniter X
Interior light assembly X
Limiter valve sensor X
MAF sensor X
MAP sensor X
Manual switch X
Mode switch X
Neutral safety switch X
Oil level sensor X
Oil pressure sending unit X
Parallel switch X
Pigtails X
Power door motor X
Printed circuit board X
Rear compartment motor X
Rectifier bridge X
Relays X
Resistor block X
Reverse light switch X
Seat heater X
Solenoids X
Speedometer head X
Stepper motor X
Sunroof switch X
Temperature gauge X
Thermal vacuum switch X
Throttle position sensor X
Tonneau cover motor X
Trip/Mileage computer X
Vehicle speed sensor X
Window heating element X
Window regulator X
Wiper delay module X
Wiper switch X
Wiring harness X
Rear defogger switch X
Cooling System X X
Water pump X X
Radiator X
Fan clutch X
Coolant recovery tank X
Fan shroud X
Idler pulley/belt tensioner X
Auxiliary water pump X
Coolant nipple X
Coolant pipe X
Block heater X
Engine oil cooler X
Fan X
Fan motor X
Fan motor control module X
Heater control valve X
Heater core X
Hot water valve X
Seals/Gaskets X
Thermostat X
Thermostat housing X
Fuel System X X
Fuel Pump X X
Accelerator pedal X
Diesel vacuum pump X
Fuel damper X
Fuel distributor X
Fuel injection pump X
Fuel lines/fittings X
Fuel pressure regulator X
Fuel pulsator X
Fuel tank X
Fuel injectors X
Fuel tank sending unit X
Throttle body X
Vacuum pump X
Steering X X
Center/Drag link X X
Power steering pump cooler X X
Gearbox X X
Idler arm X X
Pitman arm X X
Power steering hoses X X
Power steering pump X X
Rack and pinion X X
Seals/Gaskets X X
Steering shaft/coupling X X
Shaft bearings/bushings X X
Steering Dampner X X
Steering knuckle X X
Inner/outer tie rods X X
Tilt mechanism X X
Power steering assist cylinder X X
Twin X X
Steering travel stop X X
Column X
Kingpins/Bushings X
Linkages X
Fluid reservoir X
Rear steering X X
Rear steering shaft and couplings X X
Power cylinder and pump X X
Control unit and solenoid X X
Phase Control Unit X X
Stepper motor X X
Control Valve X X
Suspension X
Actuator X
Airbags/Airsprings X
Control arm/bushings X
Height sensor X
Leaf springs X
Shackles X
Load assist shocks X
Upper/lower ball joints X
Spindle X
Shocks X
Struts X
Panhard bar X
Radius arm/bushing X
Stabilizer bar/bushings/links X
Strut bearing plate X
Suspension bumpers X
Suspension pump/compressor X
Torsion bar/bushings X
Track bar X
Wheel hub/bearings X
Coil springs X
Tension struts X
Trailing arm/bushings X
Control module X
Lines/Fittings X
Mode switch X
Rear actuators X
Variable struts X
Brakes/ABS X X
Brake/Vacuum booster X X
Calipers X X
Compensating valve X X
Hydroboost X X
Lines/Fittings X X
Master cylinder X X
Wheel cylinders X X
Accumulator X X
Dump valve X X
ABS Control module X X
Hydraulic control unit X X
Hydraulic pump/motor X X
Pressure modulator valve X X
Wheel speed sensors X X
Air brake compressor X
Backing plates X
Brake fluid reservoir X
Caliper pins/slides X
Emergency brake X
Rear actuators X
Electronic ABS control processor X
Slack adjusters X
Vacuum pump X
Exciter ring X
Pressure switch X
A/C lines/fittings/hoses X X
Compressor clutch/pulley X X
A/C Compressor X X
Condenser X X
Cycling switch X X
Evaporator X X
Expansion valve X X
High/Low pressure switch X X
Idler pulley/bearing X X
Orifice tube X X
PAG oil and refrigerant X X
Receiver Drier/Accumulator X X
Service valve(s) X
Seals/Gaskets X
Aspirator fan/motor X
Evaporator/heater core case X
Interior/Exterior X
Door handles X
Door latch X
Doorlocks X
Gas cylinders X
Hood latch/cable X
Linkages/cables X
Seat frame/track X
Spare tire hoist assembly X
Trunk latch X
Wiper linkage X
Supercharger/Turbocharger X X
Factory installed supercharger housing and all internally lubricated parts X X
Factory installed turbocharger housing and all internally lubricated parts X X
Seals/Gaskets X X
Lines/Fittings X X
Wastegate/pressure relief valve X X
Rental X X
$40 per day, max of $280 for each repair visit, unless otherwise specified. To be eligible, the repair must require 2 or more labor hours to complete, or cause the vehicle to be kept overnight. X X
Towing/Road Service X X
Max of $150 X X
Trip Interruption X X
Must occur more than 100 miles from customer's home residence and result in vehicle being kept overnight. Max of $200/day for up to 4 days total. X X
Lost Key/Lockout X X
Max of $35 reimbursement. X X

The information contained herein is meant for summary / illustration purposes only, and is not an agreement or contract. The full terms and conditions of the agreement are included in the official Vehicle Service Contract document. Please see your dealer for an official Vehicle Service Contract document containing the full terms and conditions

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